Top 6 Steps to Take After a Car Accident In Greenville

| Oct 26, 2018 | Car Accident, Firm News |

The moments after a car accident can be one of the more difficult things to experience for anyone, especially when you consider the shock and adrenaline of the situation. Unfortunately, this is something that thousands of people go through.

When it happens, it’s important for the injured parties to know what steps they should take after the crash so they can help protect their rights. You should fully understand how you can keep the insurance company from taking advantage of your situation.

Though it may be difficult to remember at such a daunting time, these steps can keep you in a strong position should you pursue legal action against the negligent party for the injuries you may have sustained. Here are the steps to follow to protect your rights.

1. Get to Safety Quickly

Make sure you’re getting your vehicle and yourself out of the road. The longer you stay in the road, the more potential dangers there may be with other vehicles driving past the accident scene. If you can’t move your vehicle, at least get yourself and any other passengers to the sidewalk quickly.

2. Get the Right Information

After you are involved in a crash, you want to get the responsible driver’s information, including a way for your insurance to contact them, their insurance information, and anything else that may be important to add to your case.

If there are any witnesses around who may have seen your accident, you can also request their information including any ways for your insurance company to contact the witnesses and utilize their testimonies.

3. Make Your Claim with Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company when you’re able to and inform them of the accident, including what happened, where it happened, what damages may have occurred, and if you have sustained any injuries. Early reporting of the accident is important.

4. Start Taking Your Pictures

Pictures can be very good evidence when you go through the legal processes following a car accident. For instance, pictures of the scene of the accident may show any potential issues with the road such as missing traffic signals, pot holes, or any tire marks on the road.

You should also take pictures of your vehicles and any visible injuries you may have sustained. This can be helpful in showing that you did in fact sustain significant injuries, as well as help show the damage to your vehicle. In some cases, adjusters can use pictures to help determine fault.

5. Get Medical Attention

Your own health should be your top priority and speaking with a medical professional should be done quickly. Some injuries may not be present immediately but seeking medical help as quickly as possible means you can find out if you’re significantly injured and if the injury stems from the crash.

6. Call a Lawyer

If you’ve been injured as a result of negligence in a car accident, you can speak with a lawyer about what rights you may have. Having a lawyer on your side means understanding what to expect and getting the resources needed to move forward with confidence.

An attorney can listen to your statement, help put together the evidence, including the use of accident reconstructionists, and build a strong case on your behalf. This is an important step as the defendant in a lawsuit will have the power of the insurance company and their legal team on their side.

At Hardee & Hardee, our Greenville car accident attorneys are dedicated to your rights. We work hard and go the extra mile to help prove your case and help you seek the most favorable outcome possible after you’ve been hurt as a result of negligence.

We know how difficult this time may be for you. It’s important to have someone on your side so you can focus on your own recovery while we handle the legal matters for you. Trust that we have the skills, knowledge, experience, and resources you need.

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