What You Need to Avoid Saying Following a Car Crash

| Nov 5, 2018 | Car Accident, Firm News |

Imagine being involved in a serious car accident. This is a daunting experience and it is easy for individuals to become confused and unsure of what they should be saying or doing. While this is typically not something that should be problematic, it unfortunately can be.

There are some things that individuals shouldn’t say following a car accident. Doing so could put your case in jeopardy and put you in a difficult position. If you’re involved in a car accident, these are just a few of the things you should not say to the other driver.

I’m Sorry

Regardless of whether you think the crash was your fault or not, you should always refrain from outright apologizing. The moment you do this, you are essentially putting yourself at fault and even if legal research can find the other party responsible, your statement can be used against you.

It’s easy to want to apologize, but saying “I’m sorry” means your essentially admitting that you did something wrong. The other party may quickly let their insurance company know, and it’ll be quick to turn the tables against you.

I Didn’t See You There

Admitting this means telling the other party that you were not really looking where you were going. This is essentially the same as admitting fault and putting the cause of the car accident on something you did. Even if you don’t see the other car, there may still be things they did wrong to cause the crash.

What You Can Say

There are some things that you can say without putting your rights at serious risk. You can ask if the other party is okay or if they have any injuries. Ask if they need medical help on the scene or if any passengers are hurt.

At Hardee & Hardee, we understand that you may feel as though you owe it to the other party to be apologetic or sympathetic. However, in matters that can involve legal implications, you want to be sure you’re taking the time to think about what you’re saying and whether or not your statements can be used against you.

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