The Different Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

| Feb 26, 2019 | Brain Injuries, Firm News |

The term traumatic brain injury is often associated with significant harm, but not everyone is fully aware of exactly what types of traumatic brain injuries exist. Even injuries that may seem minor to some can be considered traumatic, resulting in long-term damage.

Traumatic brain injuries can be caused by auto accidents, falls, sports-related hits, assault, and even trauma during birth. Unfortunately, they can cause significant problems in those who suffer the injury. These are the major types of head injuries that may be sustained.


These are probably the most common types of brain injuries because they can occur in a number of different situations. If the head sustains enough impact, it can rattle inside of the skull. Initial concussions may only be associated with short-term problems, but repeated concussions can be permanently damaging.


When there is significant impact to the brain, it can cause uncontrollable bleeding, often referred to as a hemorrhage. This can be broken down even further to include subarachnoid hemorrhaging—bleeding in the space around the brain—and intracerebral hemorrhaging—bleeding within the brain tissue.

The severity of the bleeding can determine if additional problems may exist such as headaches, vomiting, or permanent damage.

Hypoxic / Anoxic Injury

These injuries occur when the individual does not have a proper amount of oxygen supply to the brain. When there is no oxygen flowing to the brain, it is referred to as cerebral anoxia. A partial flow of oxygen is called cerebral hypoxia.

These can be caused by suffocation or choking, very low blood pressure, hemorrhaging, carbon monoxide inhalation, electrical shock, and more.

When any of these brain injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence, those responsible for the harm should be held financially accountable for their actions. At Hardee & Hardee, it is our commitment to represent the rights of our clients.

Our Greenville brain injury attorneys are focused on your best interests because we understand how difficult a situation this is. You deserve someone who knows how to put together a strong case on your behalf and pursue the compensation you deserve.

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