Motorcycle Accidents: The Significant Dangers

| Apr 25, 2019 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists have every right on the road that drivers do—and they
should be respected for their position on streets and highways. Far too often, though, motorists don’t think in this same manner and there are a number of potential dangers for the motorcyclist.
When negligence plays a factor, motorcyclists can suffer significant injuries because they don’t have nearly the same amount of protection as a driver in a full-size vehicle. It’s important to stay safe and recognize some of the significant dangers presented to you as a motorcyclist.

Speeding Drivers

Just because laws exist doesn’t mean everyone follows them. This can be extremely dangerous, especially on streets and in intersections where there are so many motorists, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians around.
Speeding is one of the most common causes of all types of accidents, and it’s no different for those involving motorcycles. A large majority of accidents occur at intersections, such as when a motorcyclist is attempting to turn, but a speeding car flies through the intersection at a high rate of speed.
It is most often intersection accidents that cause significant harm to the motorcyclist as they are more likely to be ejected from the motorcycle.

Distracted Drivers

Did you know that at 55 miles per hour, you can drive the length of an entire football field in just five seconds? Now imagine someone doing that without their eyes on the road. Distracted drivers don’t notice other vehicles around them, let alone a smaller mode of transportation such as a motorcycle.
Distracted drivers are less likely to check for others on the road when changing lanes. They may also swerve into other lanes while looking down at their phone. If a motorcyclist is riding in a legal manner and the motorist enters his or her lane while distracted, the damages can be disastrous.

Failure to Check Blind Spots

When motorists merge lanes, they can’t just take a quick peak into their side mirrors and hope they’re good to get over. They must take the steps to check what are considered blind spots—which are nearly impossible to notice without additional effort.
Motorcycles fit into this blind spot almost perfectly and if the driver doesn’t look for them, they may begin to merge into the lane anyway, potentially causing a side swipe accident and causing the motorcyclist to swerve or crash.

Why are Motorcycle Accidents So Dangerous?

Motorcycles are small vehicles and there’s no frame around the rider to protect them. When an accident occurs because of a negligent vehicle driver, the motorcyclist is susceptible to ejection from their motorcycle, putting them at risk of broken bones, road rash, head injuries, and more.
It’s imperative that motor vehicle drivers, truck drivers, and others give motorcyclists the same respect they expect to deserve on the road. Sharing the road prevents serious injury—especially in a situation with a motorcyclist who doesn’t have the same protections as a driver.
At Hardee & Hardee, we recognize how serious it can be to be injured as a motorcyclist because a driver was negligent. As such, we aim to stand by your side, determine how the driver was responsible for the crash, and work to protect your rights during the entire case.
Our Greenville motorcycle accident lawyers work hard to help you seek the justice and compensation you deserve. If you’re facing what seems to be insurmountable medical bills, we’ll fight to restore order in your life.

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