Car accidents can cause delayed soft tissue injuries

| Aug 30, 2019 | Car Accident |

Getting into an auto accident on an eastern North Carolina road can inflict pain and injury on any part of your body. Typically, car crash victims suffer some sort of soft tissue damage, which can include the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Sometimes injuries to these areas can produce immediate pain and swelling. However, there are accident victims who manifest symptoms of soft tissue injury later on.

 Per FindLaw, soft tissue injuries can take many forms, including sprains and contusions. Car accident victims commonly experience whiplash, the violent motion of your neck and head as another motorist strikes your vehicle from behind. In addition to pain in the neck and head, whiplash victims can also experience difficulty concentrating or recalling events. These symptoms can manifest right away for some people, but for other victims they do not.

 Delayed soft tissue injuries may take a while to appear following a car crash. Sometimes they do not fully emerge until several days afterward. Detecting soft tissue damage is made harder because many soft tissue injuries do not show up in an x-ray. Even if pain does show up, it might be light and can be shrugged off as no big deal. But without serious medical treatment, the injury symptoms could intensify into chronic pain. The Mayo Clinic warns that whiplash pain can even extend for years if not treated.

 The problem of delayed soft tissue injuries makes it important to seek medical attention to determine if soft tissue damage exists and how to treat it. If for any reason an auto accident victim waives the right to seek damages and later learns about previously undiagnosed injuries, it may be too late to seek compensation. So you want your injuries documented as soon as possible so a responsible party does not escape liability.