What are some ways farm equipment is being made safer?

| Sep 30, 2019 | Farm Safety |

Farm equipment accidents may not be something you hear about every day in North Carolina, but they happen all the time on farms across the state. By nature, farming is a dangerous profession. Often farmers grow up learning how to do the job. Sometimes that may not come with as much safety training as is really needed to prevent accidents when working with large and dangerous equipment. Preventing accidents requires more safety training, but also, improvements to safety features on equipment could also help.

Modern Farmer explains that there are some possible changes to equipment that could make them safer and help to prevent farming accidents. A lot of the same technology being used to make vehicles safer can go into farm equipment. However, you have different concerns on the farm that you do on the road, so there is a need for specialized safety features made just for farm equipment.

Monitoring technology can be quite handy. If a tractor rolls over, getting help can be difficult. If you have some type of monitoring system or automatic system that sends a distress signal in the event of a roll over, it could save your life.

As mentioned, vehicle technology can be useful on the farm, too. There are experimental autonomous tractors being tested right now that could really change farming. This is still in the early stages, but this technology would be huge in accident prevention.

Finally, remote operation systems can be a wonderful tool. They could include kill switches that allow you to respond to an incident immediately no matter where you are in location to the accident scene. This information is for education and is not legal advice.