How can drowsy driving hurt you?

| Oct 15, 2019 | Car Accident |

There are many roads in North Carolina and even more drivers that use them. Today, we at Hardee & Hardee, attorneys at law, will discuss the increasingly prevalent problem of drowsy driving and how other drivers on the road partaking in this behavior may impact you.

A drowsy driver is someone who gets behind the wheel even if they are too tired to be able to drive safely. In the same way that distracted driving and driving under the influence can create dangerous situations, drowsy driving can cause the exact same problems.

This is because drowsy drivers actually exhibit many of the same symptoms that drunk or distracted drivers do. This can include:

  • Slower reaction times
  • Lower perception
  • Slowed critical thinking skills
  • Elevated or heightened negative emotions like irritation, potentially leading to road rage or thoughtless action

Drowsy drivers are less likely to be able to brake in time to avoid crashes. They are less likely to spot dangers in time to react. On top of everything else, they are also prone to falling asleep at the wheel. This is particularly dangerous, as you often have little warning that another driver is dozing. They are liable to go into other lanes or even cross lanes into oncoming traffic.

Have you been injured in a crash due to the negligent behavior and actions of a drowsy driver? You deserve compensation to help you get through these tough times. Not only that, but compensation may be a vital step in getting back on your feet after the incident.