Who is at risk of farm equipment accidents?

| Nov 19, 2019 | Farm Safety |

In the US alone, there are over two million fulltime agricultural workers. To work in the agricultural industry in North Carolina, you undertake some amount of risk. Farm workers often have a high risk for serious or fatal injuries. In addition, those who live around the farm, such as family, also experience some of that risk. Farming is one of the only industries where non-workers may also have risk of injury. What does this risk look like? NIOSH explains who is at risk of farm injuries.

To understand who is at risk, it is important to understand that anyone who works around farming equipment or lives around farming equipment might have these risks. This goes for adult workers and youths who work on farms. Almost 900,000 youth workers under the age of 20 work or reside on farms. About 454,000 of those youths perform work.

Per every 100,000 workers, about 21 farm workers suffer a fatal injury while at work. Not including fatalities, about 100 workers suffer an injury every day. These injuries are those that take the employee out of work. For young people, about 4,000 youths suffer injuries working on the farm. The most dangerous accidents on a farm and leading cause of death are transportation accidents, such as tractor overturns. Those who do not have a rollover protective structure or seatbelt are more likely to suffer injuries. Unfortunately, just over half of all tractors in the US utilize this equipment.

The above article is meant to inform on farming equipment hazards; it is not to be interpreted as legal advice.