Built-in screens and GPS devices are a common form of distraction

| Jul 14, 2020 | Car Accident |

Distracted driving is a very common source of risk on the roads. In fact, some people don’t even realize how widespread distraction actually is, possibly because they assume that mobile phones are the only source of distraction that leads to crashes

Not everyone engaged in some form of digital distraction will have their cell phone in their hand. In fact, there are other screens that can be just as dangerous as a mobile device in the car. After all, the phone is only one of the many screens that people might interact with while in their vehicles.

It’s no less dangerous because it comes with the vehicle

There’s an assumption among many people that built-in screens are somehow safer than handheld screens like tablets or phones. While it is true that it may be easier to navigate a built-in screen with one hand instead of two, it still presents both a cognitive and manual distraction risk. Your hand comes off the wheel, your eyes come off the road and your mind focuses on the screen, not driving. 

The same is true for GPS units, even if they have amount or attachment to the dashboard that makes them quick and easy to use. Any screen, even if it doesn’t have wireless internet capabilities or receive text messages and emails, can still distract a driver. 

People may make more mistakes because they think certain screens are safer

Those people are more likely to look over at their GPS unit and enter data while driving instead of doing self before they shift out of park. In fact, more than half of drivers, 53.5%, seem to think that using a GPS system is less dangerous than using a phone. 

If you suspect distraction played a role in your crash, data from phone providers, GPS systems and even the other vehicle itself could help you better determine if someone was focused on a screen instead of driving when they crashed into you.