Commercial vehicles and distracted driver wrongful death lawsuits

| Oct 6, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Families that have lost a loved one unexpectedly from a motor vehicle or truck accident may file a legal action for damages. According to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about nine individuals die each day as a result of a distracted driver accident. 

Companies that employ drivers to provide a commercial service must train them to control their vehicles and avoid a collision. Distractions, however, may cause commercial drivers to take their focus away from the road. When it results in a wrongful death, a driver’s employer may face liability for its employee’s failure to remain focused and control the vehicle. 

Evidence may show a distraction caused an accident 

An accident report compiled by law enforcement officials may provide details outlining the cause of a collision. Eyewitness testimonies or footage from surveillance cameras may also serve as evidence to help reconstruct how an accident occurred. 

A court may order a driver’s cell phone records. This may provide insight regarding whether a driver sent or read a text message or email. Mobile device records may include timestamps and a phone call length. The information may coincide with the timestamp on accident camera footage or a commercial truck’s electronic tracking system. 

Legal remedies may help a family to move forward

A legal action may provide sufficient closure so that a grieving family may begin to move forward from a tragic event. An insurance company may attempt to settle quickly, but surviving relatives have the right to hold a driver and his or her employer liable for their loss. A court may award compensation for burial expenses, the financial loss over time of a provider’s income and the absence of a parent or spouse’s companionship.