How does truck weight affect safety?

| Dec 31, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Federal and state laws set limits on large trucks that help to keep them safe and others safe on the roadway. One such law is concerning the weight of the truck. 

Every truck driver must know the total weight of his or her truck whenever he or she sets out on the road. The driver has a responsibility to ensure that it does not exceed the maximum allowed by law in the state in which the truck will travel. 

Truck weight is important because it affects the safety of the truck and of those on the roads with it in various ways. 

Affects safety

Motor Biscuit explains that an overloaded truck is harder for you to handle. It will take longer to stop a heavy truck. It will also handle differently on wet or slick roads because it has less traction. 

Furthermore, because the truck is even heavier than usual, it increases the severity of accidents. There is a higher chance of fatal accidents or severe injuries from accidents. 

Affects operation

Exceeding the maximum weight limits can impact how the truck runs. If you overload a truck, it may not move properly and could suffer damage that will make the truck unsafe to operate on the roads. Overloaded trucks will often have issues with suspension and brakes that directly impact the overall safe operation of the truck. 

Affects roads

Heavy trucks also cause more wear and tear on roadways. They damage roads in ways that can make them unsafe and lead to accidents that may not even involve the trucks who caused the road damage.