Commercial or personal: What type of an injury case is a tractor crash?

| Mar 24, 2021 | Farm Safety |

Eastern North Carolina is fertile country, and there is no shortage of farm vehicle traffic out on the roads. If you got into a crash with a piece of farm equipment and received an injury, there could be multiple factors at stake. 

The early stages of farm-equipment-crash cases in ENC typically hinge on determining the nature of the vehicle: Is it personal or business? This is a very important point for insurance company negotiators — and it also could be important to you as an injured person. 

Determining liability

The root of this discussion is liability. As explained by Cornell Law School, the legal term “liability” means a claim you can make against the assets of someone else. In the context of your personal injury case, the court would be able to enforce this claim. 

In other words, liability is what the person who injured you owes you. The total amount would vary depending on the details of your case. 

Understanding insurance companies

Other than the law, you are probably familiar with another profession that deals extensively with liability: insurance. Insurers sell products that promise to pay when their clients encounter certain liabilities or losses. 

Now, please consider this in the context of a farm equipment accident, and you will probably see that there could be many possible complications. For example, farmers might have the choice to take out a commercial or personal vehicle policy for a towing vehicle, such as a pickup truck. These policies could have vastly different levels of coverage. 

There how many other factors that could affect exactly who is liable for your injuries. For example, manufacturers of faulty farm equipment, negligent refurbishment services and even low-quality tire shops could have some degree of fault. It typically falls to you as the injured person to track down everyone who contributed to your disaster.