Other strategies to avoid distracted driving

| Mar 1, 2021 | Car Accident |

Whether your job places you behind the wheel on a daily basis or you occasionally drive to take care of other responsibilities or travel, it is vital to watch out for distracted driving. Many people realize how dangerous phones are when it comes to distractions behind the wheel, but there are a host of other risk factors to consider and behaviors to avoid.

Sadly, even if you do your best to avoid distracted driving, other drivers are not always responsible and pose the threat of a serious traffic accident.

How can you reduce the probability of a distracted driving crash?

On their site, the North Carolina Department of Transportation outlines various tips for drivers to keep in mind in order to avoid becoming distracted on the road. According to the NCDOT, drivers should avoid grooming, eating, using a phone and playing the stereo too loud while driving. Sometimes, drivers benefit from having a passenger in the front seat to assist with various activities, such as adjusting the radio or reading a map. Parents should remain alert and recognize how distracting children are at times.

Distractions outside of the vehicle

The NCDOT draws attention to various distractions outside of vehicles, such as signs and roadside activity that divert a driver’s attention and talking to people outside of the vehicle (such as those riding in another car). Some drivers lose their mental focus after seeing something interesting alongside the road or in the distance. You must avoid any type of distraction that interferes with your driving and prevents you from focusing on the road cautiously.