What are some steps for choosing a safe motorcycle helmet?

| Mar 31, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

While riding on the open road, the last issue you want to have is to crash and potentially risk a brain injury.

In order to help prevent further complications, you should look for a helmet that fits your health and safety needs.

Check your helmet style

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some helmets provide more protection than others. Full face motorcycle helmets wrap around your head and provide quality ventilation while also protecting your eyes and face.

Meanwhile, half helmets or open face helmets tend to not have chin guards and do not protect your skull as much. You should pick a style that works the best for your lifestyle or bike.

Learn the signs of a novelty helmet

While everyone should wear a helmet, some types of purchasable helmets are not safe for use on the road. These novelty helmets are too light and do not meet the safety requirements outlined by the Department of Transportation.

Novelty helmets typically have looser straps and plastic buckles, while those that meet the safety standards do not break so easily. Many novelty ones also have spiked or rigid decorations that stick up on top of the helmet, which becomes a hazard when on the road. The thinner a helmet is, the more likely it is not safe for use on a motorcycle.

Know how to adjust it

When your helmet feels snug around the top of your head and close to your cheeks, it can be a sign that it fits correctly. These cheek pads and liners are important to adjust, since they can provide protection and comfort. Choosing a proper motorcycle helmet is an important part of preparing to ride on the road.