Personal Injury FAQ: Get The Information You Need

After you or a loved one has an injury due to the fault of another, it can be frustrating and overwhelming to try to handle all of the issues that follow. Our team of Greenville personal injury attorneys knows that you have countless questions, and we hope that the following information will help you.

What should I do following an accident?

  • Make notes of all events and conversations at the scene.
  • Keep a diary (pain, limitations, medicine, medical care, work issues, etc.)
  • Keep a file of all related papers (wreck report, bills, insurance letters, etc.)
  • Take pictures of the damage to all vehicles involved in the wreck.
  • Take pictures of your personal injuries.
  • Follow the recommendations of your medical providers.
  • File your medical expense claims with your health insurance carrier.
  • Notify your automobile insurance company and ask about medical pay coverage.
  • Do not give a recorded statement to the liability insurance adjuster.
  • Do not sign a release without advice of counsel.

Do I have a claim?

If you were injured by the fault or negligence of another and did not contribute to your injuries, then you may have a claim for damages.

If you are wondering if you have a case, or have further questions not covered here, please do not hesitate to call us today.

What types of damages are recoverable?

  • Property damages
  • Medical expenses, past, and future
  • Lost wages, past and future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent damages

When should my case be settled?

  • Your personal injury claim should not be settled until you have been released by your doctor and know the extent of all of your damages.
  • In North Carolina, the statute of limitation for a personal injury claim, generally, is three years from the date of accident.

Should I hire an attorney following an injury?

  • In most cases, there are legal issues concerning liability or fault, property damages, personal injury damages, liens, and insurance coverage.
  • An adjuster will contact you after the injury. This adjuster represents the insurance company, not you, and will use his or her experience and
    training for the benefit of the insurance company.
  • So that your rights will be protected, you need an experienced attorney working for you.

How do I choose an attorney to work for me?

  • Ask your family members and friends about the reputation of the attorney.
  • Find out about the attorney’s experience handling personal injury claims.
  • Find out whether the law firm has experience litigating personal injury claims.
  • Meet with the attorney to make sure that you are comfortable with the firm
    and confident that the firm will work diligently for you.

Regardless of your situation, our team of personal injury attorneys in Greenville has the experience necessary to fight for the compensation you deserve. Call our team today at 252-787-4651.